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Corridor Radiology is hiring: two positions available.

Corridor Radiology is currently looking for two people to join our team!  For more information, please click on the careers tab.

We Have a Winner!!!!

March Mammography Madness has come to a close and we are excited to announce the winners of the Jersey competition and the NCAA basketball tournament bracket competition.

First place with 1,032votes:


Second place with 1,027 votes:


Third Place with 651 votes:


Fourth Place with 624 votes:


Winner of the Bracket Competition is Beth N. from Mercy Family Medicine of West Branch.

Jessica or Katie will be coming to the participating clinics soon to give you back your jerseys!

We would like to congratulate all the participants.  Your donations will go toward helping underinsured women receive lifesaving diagnostic mammography services.


I am happy to announce we were able to get the comments turned back on!  Because of the inconvenience we have decided to extend voting until Friday, April 4th.  Voting will end at 5:00 pm.

Once again, we thank you for your participation and for helping raise awareness year round.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments!



We are very sorry!

It’s come to my attention that the comment boxes are not showing up under your pictures for the last two days of voting.  I have extinguished all possible trouble shooting ideas on my end an have sent an inquiry to the web host to see if they can help me.  I know this is a very important project for a lot of you and I hope you can accept my deepest apologies for the technical difficulites we have had.

I will make sure to provide you all with an update as soon as I have one!



March Mammo Madness Ends at Midnight Tonight!

Just a reminder to get your votes in by midnight tonight!  The March Mammography Madness contest winner will be announced tomorrow morning!

Corridor Radiology is hiring!

Corridor Radiology is looking to add to our team!  Click on the Careers tab for more information!

Trying to vote for your favorite March Mammography Madness Jersey?  Click on the Read More News link at the bottom of this post!  Don’t forget to click Older Entries to see all of the Fabulous contestants!

Voting Ends March 31st.

March Mammography Update!!!!

March Mammography Madness is in full swing and your patients, friends, and families are LOVING it!  Looks like we currently have a tie!!! 

ENT and Pediatric Associates both have 274 comments/votes.

Team Breast Friends sponsored by Meg Smollen has 250 comments/votes. 

 Women to Women, Dr. Patricks office has 180 comments/votes.

There are many other jerseys in the running and there is still time to get your jersey to the top! 

 Voting closes March 31st.

*Note:  It may take up to 24 hours for your comment to post.

                Only one vote per e-mail adress per day will be counted.

Welcome to March Mammography Madness! To vote, click the ‘ Read More News’ tab located at the bottom of this box!

*Please make sure to click, older entries, to see ALL of the fantastic entries!*

Voting Ends March 31st.

Corridor Radiology is proud to present it’s second annual event, March Mammography Madness, a tournament of jerseys!  We invite you to comment on your favorite jersey decorated by local heath care clinics.  Corridor Radiology would also like to thank the following clinics for their generous donations and wish them all good luck, GO TEAM!

Mercy Family Medicine of Iowa City

Mercy Family Medicine of Tipton

Mercy Family Medicine of West Branch

Mercy Services Urgent Care

Mercy Services Internal Medicine

Mercy Services Occupational Health

Mercy Healhcare Clinic, Jennifer Swearingen, NP

Towncrest Internal Medicine

Surgical Services

Progressive Rehabilitation Associates

Pediatric Associates of Iowa City and Coralville

North Liberty Family Heath Centre, PC


Team Breast Friends, Dr. Meg Smollen

Women to Women Gynecology, Dr. Barb Patrick

Mercy Care North Liberty

Focused on Faith Photography

*Comments may not appear instantanousaly

To Vote for Team Breast Friends, Sponsored by Dr. Meg Smollen, comment on this post!

To Vote for Mercy Services Urgent Care comment on this post!