X-Ray Unavailable

Feb 01, 2023

Please pardon our progress as we install a new x-ray machine! Corridor Radiology’s x-ray services will be placed on a brief hold between January 30th and Feb.5th so we can install a new x-ray machine and train our friendly team of technologists. We anticipate re-opening our x-ray suite on Monday, February 6th. Please check back […]

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MRI | Corridor Radiology

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, also known as MRI, is one of the most common and widely accepted imaging techniques in the radiologic industry. Accurate, detailed pictures of internal organs are produced via a high-power magnetic field, radio waves and an innovative computer model. MRI is an excellent tool to examine soft tissue injuries around the upper or lower extremity joints. Corridor Radiology uses its MRI technology to produce vivid pictures of the brain, heart, spine, organs in the abdomen, various joints in the extremities and much more.

MRI is utilized to diagnose a wide range of medical conditions including arthritis, joint disease, male and female reproductive issues, bone fractures and tissue damage. Our dramatic sky ceilings help ease patient fears and our spacious and warm MRI room and state-of-the-art, short bore system is especially comforting for large or claustrophobic patients.

Corridor Radiology offers the following MRI services:

  • Orbit, Face, Neck
  • Brain
  • Cervical spine
  • Thoracic spine
  • Lumbar spine
  • Abdomen
  • Pelvis
  • Upper extremity
  • Lower extremity
  • GAD arthrogram for joint
  • MRA
  • Head
  • Neck
  • Abdomen

The contrast agent called Gadolinium has recently been in the news. Please click here for more information in regards to Corridor Radiology’s Gadolinium usage. Gadolinium Information


Breast MRI

Corridor Radiology utilizes Breast MRI in conjunction with mammography for supplemental routine screening.  MRI is a useful breast cancer screening tool for all women. It’s also our standard of practice for patients who are high-risk for breast cancer, including patients who are BRCA1 positive, patients with dense breasts, and patients who have strong family history. Breast MRI is also the best method for determining weather silicone breast implants have ruptured.

Breast MRI is recommended 6 months after a routine screening mammogram. We can perform these exams the same day as a routine screening mammogram if requested.

It’s best to check with your insurance for coverage when price shopping for your Breast MRI. If you choose to forgo using insurance, or if the exam is not covered, out of pocket, same day payment is $450.00


Call us today for more information about MRI or ask your doctor for a referral.