Corridor Radiology Has New Hours

Oct 02, 2020

Starting on 10/05/2020 Corridor Radiology will be open from 7:30am-6:00pm.  

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7:30am - 6:00pm
Closed Weekends
and Holidays
Please refer to "The Latest News" box or our Facebook page for other holidays and weather closing information.
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General X-Ray | Corridor Radiology

When most people think of imaging, they think of general X-ray, one of the oldest and most commonly used imaging exams. General X-ray involves exposing a particular body part to a small dose of electromagnetic radiation which then produces diagnostic images of the human anatomy.

General X-ray has always been favored for its ease, but today, general X-ray results are available faster than ever before, providing an almost instant evaluation of musculoskeletal, chest and abdominal concerns. For rapid diagnosis of joints, bones and chest, general X-ray is a tried and true method.

Corridor Radiology patients and referring physicians benefit from having a radiologist on-site all day, who can view the images digitally. This allows for very quick turnaround and therefore, accelerated treatment for patients.

We have also become a local resource for many businesses that require chest X-rays for pre-employment screenings.

Because we offer radiologists and services all under one roof, ordering physicians can receive telephone reports back, almost instantly – greatly decreasing the waiting time, especially in lieu of a lengthy Emergency Room visit.

Ask your physician for a referral the next time you or someone you know needs general X-ray exam services.

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