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Breast MRI

offered at Corridor Radiology

Strategic Radiology Seal

Breast MRI is utilized as a supplemental tool to screen for breast cancer. It does not use ionizing radiation. We recommend utilizing Breast MRI six months after your routine screening mammogram; however, a breast MRI can be performed the same day as your screening mammogram if requested at the time of scheduling. 

Breast MRI is our standard of care, supplemental exam for patients with:

  • Dense Breast Tissue

  • Strong Family History of Breast Cancer

  • BRCA-1 Positive

  • Patients with HBOC Syndrome  

It's also the best test for determining whether silicone implants have ruptured.

Strategic Radiology Seal
Corridor Radiology Breast Coil

What to Expect

You will lie prone (face down) on a special apparatus specially designed for this procedure called a dedicated breast coil. The coil has openings to accommodate your breasts and allow them to be imaged without compression. 






The technologist will position your body and ask questions to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Being able to remain still is important during this 25-30 minute exam and you'll be able to communicate with the technologist throughout as needed. 

Breast MRI requires the use of contrast dye in an effort to help create clearer images that outline abnormalities more easily.

Corridor Radiology Breast Coil Positioning
Corridor Radiology MRI Technologists
Two women discussing insurance

Cost and Coverage

We encourage all patients to check with their

insurance for coverage of Breast MRI.

(CPT codes 77046 and 77047)


Many insurances cover non-abbreviated Breast MRI if there is a family history or you are at high risk for breast cancer. If you choose to forgo using insurance, or if the exam is not covered, out-of-pocket payment is $450.00.

If you have questions about Breast MRI please call 319-545-7300 and ask to speak with one of our friendly MRI Technologists.

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