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General X-Ray

When most people think of imaging they think of general X-rays, one of the oldest and most commonly used imaging exams. General X-ray involves exposing a particular body part to a small dose of electromagnetic radiation, which then produces diagnostic images of the human anatomy.


X-Ray Services

Corridor Radiology and Muscatine Radiology patients and referring physicians benefit from having a radiologist on-site all day who can view x-ray images digitally. This allows for a very quick turnaround and therefore, accelerated treatment for patients.

We have also become a local resource for many businesses that require chest X-rays for pre-employment screenings as well as for specialists who use custom protocols specific to their specialized expertise.

Because we offer radiologists and services all under one roof, ordering physicians can receive telephone reports back almost instantly – greatly decreasing the waiting time, especially in lieu of a lengthy Emergency Room visit. We are also able to accommodate necessary follow-up imaging in a timely manner.

Ask your physician for a referral the next time you or someone you know needs general X-ray exam services

Patients are welcome to walk-in for an x-ray at their convenience so there is no need for an appointment, however, we are always happy to schedule an x-ray if that is your preference.

***A doctor's order is required for x-ray services.

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